Earth Day Every Day

We all know plastic is not the greatest thing out there. Whether its it's because we are heating it and consuming food in it or using it once and throwing it away, it is capable of harming us and the planet we call home. Yes, I do use plastic in my daily life, but the… Continue reading Earth Day Every Day

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Getting Started with Essential Oils

Do you want to know more about essential oils but you aren't sure where to go? You're in the right spot! I used to feel the same way! Now I feel empowered that I can help my family and guide us on our path to living a more natural and less toxic life. So, where… Continue reading Getting Started with Essential Oils

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Easy One-Pan Chicken Piccata

Chicken is definitely the meat we eat most of in our home. I enjoy cooking easy chicken dishes where I can let the chicken sit and cook without having to work with it often. My husband loves this chicken piccata so it works itself into our meal planning fairly regularly. This recipe is easy for… Continue reading Easy One-Pan Chicken Piccata